What are we all about then?

Winter of Our Discount Tents for Mimi and Will by Laura Donald

So. Here we are, about to launch our t-shirt collection. You may be thinking, who are Mimi and Will? And why are they doing this? As we get closer to launch, we often think this ourselves, especially in the wee small hours of the morning. Only kidding! We’re very excited as we prepare to launch our funding campaign, so we thought we’d reflect a little on who we are and why we decided to start this project.

The team behind Mimi and Will are Katy and Jo, sometimes otherwise known as Girl Industries and Stella My Star.

Katy was looking for a toddler-sized t-shirt, and really liked this one by Neil Slorance. However, it didn’t come in kid sizes. We discovered that because of the range of sizes across children’s wear, it just wasn’t possible for most independent designers to order shirts in sufficient quantities to sell, unless of course that was their core business focus.

So we thought, well. What if someone worked with a number of designers, licensing their images for use on kids’ tees and overseeing production? And then we thought, why don’t we do it? So we approached some designers, who said yes and here we are!

At present we have sample shirts from four designers: Neil Slorance, Emma Henderson of Showpony, Kim Gurney of Poosac, and Laura Donald. Some have been created exclusively for us, others have been licensed. We’re working with the printer on final designs, and will post detailed images as soon as we have them. We also have a couple of other designs and designers waiting in the wings, so stay tuned for more info!

We thought long and hard about financing our campaign. In the end we decided to go with Indiegogo, and use it to finance pre-orders of our shirts. We felt it was the sensible option for us, allowing to accurately gauge demand across sizes and designs.

So that’s who we are, and where we are. We’ll post updates as we have them- stay tuned!