What we did at the weekend


We had a visit to Smile Acorns, the first retail outlet where you can buy a small selection of t-shirts from our range!  Located on lovely farmland in the North West of England, Smile Acorns is run by Emma, a fellow mum and maker of lovely childrenswear.  

Supersaurus by Neil Slorance for Mimi and Will                   Jelly loves Ice Cream by Lucy Farfort for Mimi and Will

The shop is part of a larger farm complex, called Inglenook Farm.  Other shops on site include a guitar shop, traditional farm shop showcasing the best of the region’s local produce, including Lytham Coffee, and the main product of the farm itself – essential oils and soaps from the fields of lavender growing outside!  The stars of the show at the moment have to be the newly-arrived twin baby goats.  


There’s also a traditional team rooms and a barn for hire.  Last week was an Easter fun day for children, but chickens were also welcome, and keen to get stuck in!  


You can find Smile Acorns just off what my dad calls ‘the Southport Road’, or the A570 as the rest of us know it.  It’s close to Haydock, but even with race meet traffic on a busy Saturday, we drove there in about half an hour from the outskirts of Manchester.  A good time was had by all (I went with my daughter, niece, nephew, dad and sister – a real family day out!)

What we’ve been up to this week…

We had a stall at Gin in Teacups at the Arches, had a great time, met some marvellous people and ate fantastic onion rings. 
We got a lovely write up on the Life is Peachy Blog
We ‘re nearly at the end of our Indiegogo Campaign. Thanks to all who’ve supported by buying, tweeting and sharing so far. It’s really appreciated! Only a few days left!

Lucy Farfort

Yesterday I said we’d confirmed two new designers would be contributing to our launch range. I am delighted to say that the first new designer is Lucy Farfort.

Lucy’s an  illustrator and graphic designer based in Newcastle. She specialises in illustration for children, likes drawing animals, and loves treehouses.

We’ll be sharing Lucy’s design very shortly… and revealing who our sixth designer collaboration is with. Check us! We’re so mysterious…

Have a nice Friday!

Some updates

Good morning! Welcome to anyone who’s recently found us through Facebook or twitter. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the weekend. We’ve apparently got ‘approaching cold fronts’ here in Glasgow- you types down south better remember your sunscreen though!

A couple of updates from Mimi and Will HQ for you; firstly, we updated our campaign page on Indiegogo to make the t-shirt ordering process clearer. In a nutshell, you choose the number of t-shirts you’d like, and click the relevant reward (one, two, three or four t-shirts). You don’t have to give us your design preferences or size information yet. Towards the end of the campaign, we’ll contact you to get your sizes and choices. We’ll get all orders to the printer and you should receive your shirts at the end of November, in plenty of time for Christmas.

We’ve also added another reward to our Indiegogo page. We now have ten shirts available at £15. There are only ten though!

Finally, we should have another announcement later on today. We’ve confirmed another two designers will be contributing designs to Mimi and Will. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime have a browse at our collection so far: featuring designs by Emma Henderson of Showpony, Neil Slorance, Laura Donald and Kim Gurney of Poosac

Mimi and Will

Well hello there! Welcome to Mimi and Will! Over the next few months, we’ll be launching out first collection of kids’ t-shirts.  On this blog we’ll be telling you about our progress, a bit more about ourselves and our designers, and sharing things that we find interesting. For now, find out more about us here, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.