Another key milestone!


With just a week left to go in our Indiegogo pre-order campaign, we’ve made it to 25% of our target, with a flurry of activity in the last couple of days.  Having broken through the £500 barrier is particularly significant, we’re now searchable on Indiegogo and unhidden from the public again, so we stand to reach a lot more people on Indiegogo who might wish to back us on our way.

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s decided to invest in one (or more) of our products, and to everyone who’s liked a facebook post, retweeted us on Twitter, followed us on Pinterest, read our blog or been there for us through what is quite a stressful as well as exciting process.

But we aren’t there yet!  While we’ve now sold the equivalent of 25 t-shirts, we need to take pre-orders for another 75 in order to reach our first target, to release more designs in our collection and to help develop and grow our business, all the while ensuring that you get your t-shirts, badges and colouring books in good time.

If you’re intending to buy but aren’t sure which designs are your favourites, don’t let that put you off.  There’s no need to make your mind up on sizes or designs until after the campaign closes, when we’ll send you an email with all your options.

Best of all, there are still a handful of t-shirts available at early bird prices, if you thought you’d missed your chance, think again! Now the countdown is on for our next key milestone of £1000 – who’s with us?  Simply click here to visit Indiegogo and chose how many t-shirts you wish to buy – see you there!

Two Weeks to Go!

We’ve got two weeks left of our indiegogo pre-order campaign. Here’s a quick round up of what we’ve been doing over the last few weeks, in case you missed anything!

We have seven designers on board for the launch collection and have six sample shirts (we’re still waiting for Lucy Farfort’s design to come back from the printers, but you can see a proof below:

I Love Puddles by Emma Henderson
I Love Puddles by Emma Henderson
Winter of Our Discount Tents by Laura Donald
Winter of Our Discount Tents by Laura Donald
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance
Puffer by Julia Smith
Puffer by Julia Smith
Lion by Poosac for Mimi and Will
Lion by Poosac
Treehouse by Jolly and Hodie
Treehouse by Jolly and Hodie
Jelly Loves Ice Cream by Lucy Farfort for Mimi and Will
Jelly Loves Ice Cream by Lucy Farfort for Mimi and Will

We visited the Children’s Wood for their Bake-Off. Laura Donald came to visit us and blogged about it.

We also sold some of these badges, which we’ve decided to offer as a limited edition reward on Indiegogo.

Supersaurus Badges
Supersaurus Badges

And that’s about it! Remember, if you want to guarantee a shirt before Christmas, pre-ordering is the way to go!

As ever, give us a shout with any questions, queries, or just to say hello!

So this IndieGoGo site, what’s that all about?

So crowdfunding… what’s all that about then? Here at Mimi and Will, we know that a lot of you reading this will be well aware of what it is, how it works and have opinions on whether or not Zach Braff was right to use it.

But we know from extensive market research that we’ve been doing over the last few days (or, talking to our families, as it’s often called) that some people aren’t that familiar with crowdfunding, and are wondering why we are doing it this way.

So, we’re going to take a couple of minutes to talk to you about crowdfunding.  It’s a new way of raising capital for businesses who might not have access to other, more traditional funding streams, like loans, credit or shareholders/independent backers.  Although the main websites for crowdfunding have only been going for a short while, it’s a process that’s really taken off, and there’s a whole community of people out there who regularly support new businesses, get access to exciting new products before they hit other outlets, or help people to raise money to achieve personal or family goals – it’s not just all about business.   Some of the other sites include Kickstarter, Bloom and Gofundme.  We chose IndieGoGo because it gave us the choice to honour our customers’ orders even if we don’t reach our £2000 funding goal, which is super-important to us.

Everyone who buys a t-shirt via our IndieGoGo campaign will definitely receive a t-shirt, by December of this year.  We’re asking people to invest in us upfront by buying our product at the price we’ll be selling it for, or if you buy more than one, with a bit of a discount thrown in because you’ll save us on packaging and postage costs with a multiple purchase.

Here are some simple steps for visiting our IndieGoGo page and making a purchase.  Firstly click on this link


You can see our colouring book and t-shirt bundles, and their prices, along the right hand side of the screen.


If you want to see more close up pictures of our t-shirts, click on the tab at the top which says ‘gallery’.

There are some more pictures behind the ‘updates’ tab, too.  Or you can watch our video.

Once you’re happy with the product and you’ve decided you want to buy, go back to the main page and click on the big red contribute button.  Remember, you choose which t-shirt you want, and the size, at the end of our pre-order campaign, in October.  We’ll write to you with all the options on an order form then – our t-shirts come in 6 sizes from age 2-12, and we are adding more t-shirts as time goes on – so you don’t need to chose just yet.

You’ll see a screen like this, and you can scroll down to click on the item you want to buy.



Once you’ve clicked on the item you want to buy, IndieGoGo will help you through the payment process.  It’s really straightforward, even if you’ve never shopped online before.  We don’t get to see any of your financial details, or even your address, that’s taken care of by IndieGoGo and PayPal.

If you’re thinking that all sounds really complicated, and why can’t you just go and buy one from an online shop, well that’s a really good question.  It costs us nearly £500 to create one of our t-shirt designs in all available sizes – this is why you can’t often buy children’s t-shirts from individual independent designers, unless they are set up for printing by hand on demand.  By working in a pre-order system, we can better assess which sizes are popular with customers and place our orders with our printer accordingly.  This means we can bring our customers well-designed, well-made t-shirts with a minimum of waste, printed traditionally by a fellow independent business.

Those readers interested in new tech developments will be interested to know that pre-order platforms are springing up in America as demand grows from designers and consumers to work more often in this way – by only making what is required, it means production can stay local as well as design.  Unfortunately there are no internationally-based, well-established pre-order platforms open to the UK yet… this is something we’d love to see in the future.

But in the meantime, find us here: and don’t forget to share our link!

One Week In

Well, we’re one week into our Indiegogo campaign. Thanks so much to everyone for all their support. Not just to the people who’ve contributed financially (although you are AWESOME and we hope you love your t-shirts when you get them) but also to the people who’ve liked our Facebook page, followed us on twitter, visited the campaign page and liked and shared our posts.  That’s really helpful in terms of getting the word out there.

We were also thrilled to get a postive comment on Vimeo from the composer of the music we used for our promotional film; the soundtrack, which we used under Creative Commons, is a track called ‘kindergarten’ by an artist called Gurdonark.

It’s been quite a week! Let’s see what next week brings!

What your pre-order means to us

In short, everything.  It means you love our product, what we stand for and you want us to be able to develop and grow as a business.

But let’s break it down a little more.  If our pre-order funds reach £500, which means selling 25 t-shirts, you’ll help us to grow our collection by being able to make samples of another 5 t-shirts.

By selling 50 t-shirts, or 40 t-shirts and 30-something colouring books, we can start to fulfil some of the requests we’ve had for stock from local independent retailers who want to sell our shirts in their shops.

If we raise £2000 from pre-orders, and meet our Indiegogo goal, we can start to think ahead to future collections, to look for t-shirts which continue to fit our ethical and eco criteria, but in a wider range of colours and offering options like long sleeves, or vests, or maybe sweatshirts.

If we exceed our target, and sell more than 100 shirts in the next 34 days, we can really start to grow our business, to work on our website, to advertise our work more widely to attract new retail stockists and new direct customers alike, and to hold a stock of our t-shirts ready to ship on demand.

Best of all, no matter how many t-shirts we sell between now and mid-October, everyone who makes a purchase will receive their choice of t-shirt in time for Christmas.  Our Indiegogo campaign means that even if we don’t reach our £2000 target, we’ll still honour all the orders for t-shirts from this first collection.  And we’ll continue to promote and develop our range of designs into 2014.

Bright Stem- ethical design Kickstarter

Bright Stem is a design studio based in Belfast who are looking to launch a range of new products via Kickstarter.  You can buy the current range of products at All their products are thoughtfully sourced and produced, with an emphasis on UK manufacture- values we share at Mimi and Will.

The new range includes mugs, wrapping paper, and pop out Christmas baubles and tags (love, love, love the baubles!)

Wrapping Paper- Bright Stem

Bright Stem Baubles

Check out the full range of products on Kickstarter.
via Print & Pattern