We’re no data dinosaurs

Supersaurus Annabel Fin enhancedUpdated privacy statement

When you shop with us…

… we can see your name, postal address, email address and your phone number (if you’ve chosen to give it).  This is all stored in the marketplace or website you’ve used to shop with us, and is not transferred out by us, or saved anywhere else, unless we’re using it to contact you via email, creating a record in gmail or mailchimp (our mail providers).  We don’t share any of your personal data with anyone else, for any reason.  If we print two copies of your packing slip or invoice by accident, one goes in a shredder and then into the composter, while the other one comes straight to you.  We only use your data to process and send out your order, or to contact you about your purchase.

What do you mean by marketplace?

You might have shopped with us via: tictail, folksy, etsy, ethical.market (formerly the lost lanes/the little lanes), indiegogo or gfw.  These organisations are the ‘controllers’ of your data, and you can contact them if you would like to have your personal data removed from their site and records (which is a new right you have under GDPR), or click the links if you want to know more about their privacy policies.

And if I shopped with you via facebook?

We have access to your contact details via your PayPal invoice.  Click on the link for their privacy policy.  If you can’t remember how or where you shopped with us, drop us a note at data@mimiandwill.com and we’ll remind you.  This is the same email to use if you’ve shared photos with us that you’d now like us to delete.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this site, WordPress also have their own privacy policies if you’d like to find out more about how that works.

We don’t usually send out newsletters, but if this is something you’d like us to do in future, why not hit us up at subscribe@mimiandwill.com and we’ll be in touch! Thanks for getting this far, and here’s a little reward, valid until 31 May: use code DATA for £5 off at our shop