What your pre-order means to us

In short, everything.  It means you love our product, what we stand for and you want us to be able to develop and grow as a business.

But let’s break it down a little more.  If our pre-order funds reach £500, which means selling 25 t-shirts, you’ll help us to grow our collection by being able to make samples of another 5 t-shirts.

By selling 50 t-shirts, or 40 t-shirts and 30-something colouring books, we can start to fulfil some of the requests we’ve had for stock from local independent retailers who want to sell our shirts in their shops.

If we raise £2000 from pre-orders, and meet our Indiegogo goal, we can start to think ahead to future collections, to look for t-shirts which continue to fit our ethical and eco criteria, but in a wider range of colours and offering options like long sleeves, or vests, or maybe sweatshirts.

If we exceed our target, and sell more than 100 shirts in the next 34 days, we can really start to grow our business, to work on our website, to advertise our work more widely to attract new retail stockists and new direct customers alike, and to hold a stock of our t-shirts ready to ship on demand.

Best of all, no matter how many t-shirts we sell between now and mid-October, everyone who makes a purchase will receive their choice of t-shirt in time for Christmas.  Our Indiegogo campaign means that even if we don’t reach our £2000 target, we’ll still honour all the orders for t-shirts from this first collection.  And we’ll continue to promote and develop our range of designs into 2014.

T- Shirt Proofs: Jolly and Hodie and Lucy Farfort

Well hello again! We’re quite the ones for exciting updates, no?

We can now confirm that the sixth designer collaborating with us is Jodie Clay, of Jolly and Hodie.

Jolly and Hodie is a childrenswear range, designed and crafted by Jodie. The clothes are created using traditional crafting techniques such as patchworking, and the patterns are drafted by Jody from original 70s blocks. Find Jolly and Hodie on etsy and folksy.

This is a proof of Jodie’s design for Mimi and Will.

Treehouse by Jodie Clay for Mimi and Will
Treehouse by Jodie Clay for Mimi and Will

And talking of proofs, here’s the proof of Lucy Farfort‘s design, Jelly Loves Ice Cream.

Jelly Loves Ice Cream by Lucy Farfort for Mimi and Will
Jelly Loves Ice Cream by Lucy Farfort for Mimi and Will

Excited? Head on over to Mimi and Will’s Indiegogo page and place your orders!

Designing with kids

We wrote a few days ago about Mica Angela Hendricks, who let her daughter draw in her sketch book and created some amazing art.

Here’s another post about parent/ child art collaborations: The Original Thread created a dinosaur pattern for a competition on Spoonflower, using her children’s dinosaur drawings as a basis for the design. She explains how she took the original drawings, altered them slighty (with the approval of her children) and involved her daughter in the colour selection for the final design. The results are charming! See the drawings from all stages of the process on The Original Thread blog.

Dinosaur Cushion By the Original Thread
Dinosaur Cushion By the Original Thread

Have a look at The Original Thread on Society 6 to buy some of her designs. Images courtesy of The Original Thread.

Lucy Farfort

Yesterday I said we’d confirmed two new designers would be contributing to our launch range. I am delighted to say that the first new designer is Lucy Farfort.

Lucy’s an  illustrator and graphic designer based in Newcastle. She specialises in illustration for children, likes drawing animals, and loves treehouses.

We’ll be sharing Lucy’s design very shortly… and revealing who our sixth designer collaboration is with. Check us! We’re so mysterious…

Have a nice Friday!

Some updates

Good morning! Welcome to anyone who’s recently found us through Facebook or twitter. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the weekend. We’ve apparently got ‘approaching cold fronts’ here in Glasgow- you types down south better remember your sunscreen though!

A couple of updates from Mimi and Will HQ for you; firstly, we updated our campaign page on Indiegogo to make the t-shirt ordering process clearer. In a nutshell, you choose the number of t-shirts you’d like, and click the relevant reward (one, two, three or four t-shirts). You don’t have to give us your design preferences or size information yet. Towards the end of the campaign, we’ll contact you to get your sizes and choices. We’ll get all orders to the printer and you should receive your shirts at the end of November, in plenty of time for Christmas.

We’ve also added another reward to our Indiegogo page. We now have ten shirts available at £15. There are only ten though!

Finally, we should have another announcement later on today. We’ve confirmed another two designers will be contributing designs to Mimi and Will. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime have a browse at our collection so far: featuring designs by Emma Henderson of Showpony, Neil Slorance, Laura Donald and Kim Gurney of Poosac

Winter of Our Discount Tents by Laura Donald

Our second design is ‘Winter of Our Discount Tents’ by Laura Donald. This was an existing design that Laura had, that she’s licensed to us for children’s shirts.

Winter of Our Discount Tents by Laura Donald
Winter of Our Discount Tents by Laura Donald

We’re offering in it yellow and brown inks, printed on a natural/ white organic tee.

Laura blogs at dropstitch. As well as having mad illustrating skillz (as the young people, er…, don’t say), she’s a sewer and a crafter- you can check out some of her projects on her flickr stream. She also apparently used to be in a band called Annalise And The Messiah. Oh yes. Read about it on dropstitch.

Bright Stem- ethical design Kickstarter

Bright Stem is a design studio based in Belfast who are looking to launch a range of new products via Kickstarter.  You can buy the current range of products at brightstemshop.com. All their products are thoughtfully sourced and produced, with an emphasis on UK manufacture- values we share at Mimi and Will.

The new range includes mugs, wrapping paper, and pop out Christmas baubles and tags (love, love, love the baubles!)

Wrapping Paper- Bright Stem

Bright Stem Baubles

Check out the full range of products on Kickstarter.
via Print & Pattern

Supersaurus by Neil Slorance

We’re going to be updating this blog with pictures of the final t-shirt designs and some more about the artists and designers who we’re working with. First up is Neil Slorance , who designed Supersaurus for us. It’s available in white and is screenprinted onto an organic cotton t-shirt. Like all our designs, it’s suitable for boys or girls. Find out a bit more about Neil after the pics:

Supersaurus by Neil Slorance for Mimi and Will
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance for Mimi and Will
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance for Mimi and Will
Supersaurus by Neil Slorance

Neil draws things and does comics. You can buy his acclaimed book (nominated for several Scottish Indie Comic Book Alliance awards, don’t you know) , The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal from his etsy shop or buy it on Kindle.

Here’s a pic I took of a painting of Neil’s that I have.

Painting by Neil Slorance
Painting by Neil Slorance

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s been described as follows:
“The dragon guy is firing the robot and it has made him not very happy. I like it, it is orange”

You can see more of Neil’s art on his tumblr.